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  • Outdoor Cycling Notice

    1、Bring enough water Cycling is a kind of endurance sport, the activity in this kind of hot weather, more put to the test for the riders, especially in the aspect of heat and sun protection, must pay attention to rehydrate and salt in time.Especially in hot weather, the driver sweats a lot and needs to drink a lot of water. However, the normal water bottle is not big enough. Therefore, it is neces...
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  • Keep Warm in Winter

    1. In winter, the first thing is to keep warm clothes. In winter, the temperature varies greatly from morning to night. You should dress more often, but you should not wear too much. 2. The weather is dry in winter, of course, we should drink more water. Therefore, we should keep 8 glasses of water every day and drink more water. Don't wait for thirst to start drinking water. 3:When you go out, re...
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  • Is Winter Suitable for Climbing

    Equipment must be thoroughly prepared The mountains are cold in winter.Because of the cold air and snow, the human body USES about 10-20% more energy than other seasons. - therefore, wear functional climbing suits that are light, wind - proof, waterproof, thermal and breathable.- cotton garments are not suitable for winter mountaineering.Because of the slow rate of perspiration and drainage due to...
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  • Advice for Skiing Beginners

    Skiing is a strong, exciting sport. Beginners should first of all learn the basic skills of skiing and hire an experienced ski instructor to give you systematic training. Beginners when choosing ski area, slope is not too steep, 6 degrees or so, best ski trails to wide, it is advisable to 50 meters or so, to be carried by a type ropeway skiers (traction type ropeway for skiers break), types, snow ...
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  • The Skill of Marathon

    The technology of marathon running is similar to that of long-distance running.Because of its long distance and its location on different roads, it has some technical features. When running, lean forward slightly or straight.The force of the back pedal is less, and the motion of the thigh forward above is lower.From the appearance, the ground kick back leg up the movement is smaller than the long ...
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  • Introduction Of Baseball

    Baseball is a kind of ball game with the main characteristics of playing baseball.It has been carried out extensively in the world and has great influence. Especially popular in the United States and Japan, it is called the "national ball".It is also a team sport, with a minimum of nine players and a similar sport called softball. Baseball players are divided into attacking and defending sides, pl...
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  • Amazon Prime Day Crazy

    The 2018 Prime Day has come to an end, and amazon said Wednesday it was the biggest shopping event so far, with more than 100 million items purchased by Prime members around the world. Amazon has yet to disclose specific sales, but it has revealed that the world's small and medium-sized e-commerce companies have "far exceeded" $1bn in sales. "This time Prime Day has surpassed online shopping Monda...
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  • How to Climb?

    When climbing, the body should relax naturally and stabilize the center of gravity with 3 fulcrum points, while the center of gravity should move with the change of climbing movement, which is the key to the stability, balance and energy saving of climbing. In order to relax, the body should keep a certain distance from the rock wall according to the steepness and slowness of the rock wall. But yo...
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  • American Football

    American football is a kind of football. The most popular sport in the United States is the first of the four major professional sports in North America. Origin from the rugby football, was introduced into the United States after the rules change, to take attack defence turn-based contend for the ball, there is no limit to the movement, and can be thrown forward pass, the purpose of this exercise ...
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